Legendary rocker (and no-stranger-to-controversy) David Crosby has ruffled feathers once again, responding to a fan question about the passing of Eddie Van Halen with a resounding “meh.”

Naturally, the hard-rock world did not appreciate the sentiment, and a number of fans jumped on the CSNY singer-guitarist for his uninformed viewpoint, noting Van Halen’s influence on the guitar world, regardless of genre.

Crosby later clarified his shrugging reaction, writing, “Hendrix changed the world of guitar. Nobody else really … look I get it … many of you loved Van Halen …. and the one time I met he was nice … and he was talented … meh to me means I don’t care that much … and I don’t … doesn’t mean he wasn’t good, he was but not for me.”

Meanwhile, a variety of artists from Trey Anastasio to Joan Jett to Lenny Kravitz eulogized Van Halen quite fondly.

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