Black Pumas photo by Merrick Ales

Black Pumas have entered the beverage business, teaming up with 4th Tap Brewing in their hometown of Austin, Texas for a new signature beer.

The band’s Stay Gold brew is a 5.5% ABV pale ale, and they tapped fellow Austin artist Rory Blank to do the artwork.

Proceeds from beer sales will go toward Austin Justice Coalition, African American Youth Harvest Foundation, and Austin NAACP.

As 4th Tap co-founder told October, “We took that old-school approach with a bit of new-school technology,” says John Stecker, 4th Tap Brewing’s co-founder. “We used this hop called Cryo Mosaic. Mosaic hops are already pretty delicious and the Cryo Mosaic side of that means basically that we’re using just the pollen from the hops—there’s no vegetal matter going in. It really lets us get these huge, big, intense flavor notes.” 

The Stay Gold Pale Ale will be available on Aug. 7 in select Texas locations.

Listen to Black Pumas’ “Stay Gold” which inspired the new brew: