Rocks Off, the concert promotion company, recently pivoted to the sale of face masks in order to stay afloat in the time of coronavirus. Their online shop boasts over 300 designs, ranging from parodies of song lyrics to social justice slogans.

Their latest additions are in support of the ongoing protests against police brutality, bearing phrases such as “I Can’t Breathe,” “No Justice No Peace” and “Anti Fascist.” The company has announced that 100% of proceeds from this series of masks will go to the National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Fund.

Rocks Off’s “Unicorn-in-Chief” Jake Szufnarowski explains, “Anyone who knows Rocks Off knows we take personal expression seriously. Whether it’s our clothes, our haircuts & dye jobs, our admittedly ridiculous tattoos, or just the way we personally pump energy into every event, we are the antithesis of wallflowers. When we saw that life in NYC — and America for that matter — would involve face masks for the foreseeable future, we wanted to find a way to make it fun. Forget hide-and-seek, we’re talking Freak-A-Peek. We came up with 300+ designs, from wholesome (but still eye-catching!) to completely whacked out, and everything in between. Our motto: Keep safe. Keep Stylish. Keep being you.”

To purchase a mask, head over to For the initial launch of the masks, Rocks Off created a Ramones-parody music video titled “Put On The Mask” filmed in a deserted Times Square. Check it out below!