Photo by Kinsey Haynes

Widespread Panic’s Dave Schools has shared a new Spotify playlist dubbed “First In, Last Out,” paying tribute to the hardworking crew who make live music happen.

“COVID-19 has interrupted the workflow and livelihood of everyone especially touring musicians,” Schools wrote via Instagram. “But behind every great artist or band is a support system of touring and production personnel otherwise known as the road crew. These guys are the first in and the last out of a venue. We can’t do it without them. No sound, no lights, no trucks to haul the gear, and no one to put it all together means no music for your ears. Hell….I can’t even set up my own bass rig.”

To honor those workers sidelined by coronavirus, the bassist collected 56 songs that capture the spirit of entertainment staffers, starting off with “(We Are) The Roadcrew” by Motörhead and even nodding to Widespread Panic with a 12/31/97 version of “Let’s Get This Show on the Road.”

Schools notes that he created the list with friend and touring photographer Andy Tennille, adding, “Together we curated this nearly 4 hour rasher of songs. You may think 4 hours is a long time but it is literally about one fifth of an average crew member’s day on the road.”

In exchange for the tunes, Schools also requests fans donate to the Garrie Verdeen Memorial Emergency Relief Fund to help Athens, Ga. entertainment workers during this uncertain time.

Listen to “First In Last Out” here or at the embed below: