Photo by Peter Wallace

On March 11, NYU will host The Resounding Echoes Grow, “a day-long interdisciplinary symposium celebrating scholarship about American rock band Phish.”

Featured panels and roundtable discussions will explore topics like “Research Methods Across Phish Studies,” “Diversity and Identity within the Phish Community,” music journalism and more.

The day will end with a musical performance by jam scene regular Karina Rykman, who graduated from NYU in 2016 and famously jammed with the Vermont quartet to celebrate her 100th show.

The Resounding Echoes Grow will be free and open to the public.

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Check out the full schedule of events below:


10:00 am
Introductory Remarks

10:15 am
“Send in the Clones: a Guided Viewing of Phish’s 2019 NYE Stunt” – Isaac Slone (New York University Gallatin) and Jnan Blau (California Polytechnic State University)

10:45 am
“What’s in A Name?: Phish Studies,” Keynote by Elizabeth A. Yeager (Washburn University)

11:30 am
Panel: “I Must Inquire: Research Methods Across Phish Studies” 
“A Never Ending C(h)oral Maze: Music Research Methods for the Analysis of Phish” – Julie Viscardi-Smalley (Johnson & Wales University)
“Can I Bring a Few Companions on this Ride?: Using the Online Community ‘Phish Chicks’ to Teach Students Discourse Community Theory” – Denise Goldman (Long Island University)
“Chalk Dust without the Torture: On Public Philosophy Methodology” – Stephanie Jenkins (Oregon State University)
Moderated by Elizabeth A. Yeager (Washburn University)

12:30 pm

2:00 pm
Roundtable Discussion “Textures of the Town” with Amanda Petrusich (New York University Gallatin), Ben Ratliff (New York University Gallatin), Jesse Jarnow (WFMU Radio), Moderated by Isaac Slone (New York University Gallatin)

2:45 pm
Panel: “How Many People are We?: Diversity and Identity within the Phish Community”
“Beyond Avenu Malkenu: Religious Roots and Phish’s Musical Canon” – Ariella Werden-Greenfield (Temple University)
“Swimming in the Sea: Finding and Creating Queer Freedom Within the Phish Community” – Aaron South Goodman
“White Phragility: Race-Talk, Backlash, and Organizing in the Phish Scene” – Adam Lioz (Demos)
Moderated by Jnan Blau (California Polytechnic State University)

3:45 pm
Roundtable Discussion: “Thoughts out on The Page”  with Andy Bernstein (HeadCount), Dean Budnick (Long May They Run, Relix), Mike Greenhaus (Relix)
Moderator: Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta (Relix)

4:30 pm

5:00 pm
Musical Performance by Karina Rykman (BA ’16)