Photo by Dino Perrucci

On March 27, early music from Allman Brothers Band founders Gregg and Duane Allman (and some featuring ABB drummer Butch Trucks) will be released on CD for the first time. In addition, vinyl releases that have been out of print since the late 1960s will also be made available.

The releases include the 1966 self-titled debut record of Allman Joys, one of the bands the Allman brothers founded before ABB. Also made available will be two releases by Hour Glass, the Allman’s next band. Both their 1967 self-titled debut and Hour Glass’ 1968 album Power Of Love will be made available.

Rounding out the releasees will be Duane & Gregg, an album of demos originally recorded under the moniker 31st of February in 1968. This band featured not only the Allman brothers themselves, but also fellow ABB member Butch Trucks on drums.

According to a press release, this Duane & Gregg release “is a September 1968 recording session for Scott Boyer, David Brown and ABB drummer Butch Trucks’ band the 31st of February.” In addition, the press release noted that “these demo sessions for their second, unreleased album feature probably the earliest versions of Gregg’s hit “Melissa,” and would be released as Duane & Gregg in May 1972.”

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