Guitarist Eric Krasno has confirmed that he will release his new studio album, Telescope, later this month on Sept. 27, along with detailing the full tracklist.

The new project falls under a new moniker for Krasno, KRAZ, and is a concept album that chronicles the various tenants living in different apartments in a Brooklyn brownstone, much like the one Krasno inhabited for years before his rent relocation to Los Angeles.

In an interview with earlier this summer, Krasno explained the impetus for the concept album, saying, “I wanted to try to figure out a way to tell a story that wasn’t a musical in terms of ‘this person is doing this now.’ I wanted to write songs that were from these different perspectives, and I thought, ‘I’ve lived in this building for 15 years and I’ve seen this neighborhood change over the years and I’ve met all these characters here.’ So I created these characters as a compilation of all these people that I knew, and also with the subtext of gentrification and how the neighborhood has changed. I didn’t even know that’s the direction I was moving, but after I moved to LA it was kind of what I owed to Brooklyn.”

So far, Krasno has released three singles (along with accompanying videos by Josh Clark Studios), “Leave a Little,” “Vacant” and the most recent, “Carry My Name.”

Below, watch all three videos, along with a new short album-teaser video, and see the full tracklist, and pre-order Telescope here.

TELESCOPE Track Listing

1.     Leave a Little
2.     Recovery
3.     Shine
4.     Good Enough (ft. Emily King)
5.     Vacant
6.     Carry My Name
7.     Apples (ft. Son Little) 
8.     No Sleep
9.     Stay Still
10.   All at Once