Photo by Ethan Covey

Psych-rock outfit Garcia Peoples have revealed that they will release yet another album in 2019, following up their March release Natural Facts.

The new release – dubbed One Step Behind – will arrive this October, and to celebrate the newly-expanded sextet has shared a radio edit of the LP’s centerpiece, the 32-minute title track, “One Step Behind.”

“We had a great time recording this track,” recalls guitarist Danny Arakaki. “Many highlights involved. One being, Tom’s dad, Bob Malach coming to the studio to lay down the sax tracks (which you’ll hear later on the full-length album version of the song) and after killing it, casually saying, ‘fooled em’ again.’ Great to see Tom and his dad work together. Every time we make the trip out to Black Dirt Studio we end up finding new sounds too. That has everything to do with the way Jason [Meagher] works with us. Positive vibes all around. Enjoy the changes and ride the tune.”

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Listen below: