As they continue their summer tour, Melvin Seals & JGB have announced a lineup change, with guitarist Zach Nugent leaving the band following their Aug. 1 performance at The Werk Out.

“Our band and the music have evolved over the years. We feel now, it’s the best its been in a very long time,” reads a statement from the band. “Zach Nugent contributed to that and we thank him for the last few years. As the men who came before him, we don’t doubt he will succeed in the telling of his own story…channeling the man we all love so much.”

After Nugent’s departure, the band will enlist former JGB guitarist Dave Abear as a substitute for Aug. 2 and 3 in Texas and Aug. 8 and 9 in Colorado.

Between those shows guitarist Stu Allen (who logged time in JGB from
2004-2010) will sit in for their Aug. 4 Jerry Day performance in San Francisco.

From there, John K will take charge, finishing out their summer tour through August and playing through Melvin Seals & JGB’s full fall tour through Oct. 28.

“Melvin and John have shared the stage many times, but having him perform as part of Melvin Seals & JGB is a real blessing and we’re excited about what the future holds,” the band wrote.

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Watch a clip of Melvin Seals & JGB riffing on “That’s What Love Will Make You Do” on March 14, 2018 below: