In a new report, it has been revealed that the late Dr. John recorded one last studio project before he passed.

According to Rolling Stone, the yet-to-be-named project features “a mix of new originals, country-tinged covers and reworked Dr. John classics recorded with a series of hand-picked New Orleans session musicians.”

“Mac understood that this was his last record,” David Torkanowsky told RS (the keyboardist contributed to the unnamed project, which was recorded in New Orleans). “It was emotional in the studio just to hear him. It had a certain weight to it that only something that’s the last time you do it can have.”

Dr. John allegedly took inspiration from some of his musical icons like Hank Williams Sr., and talked with friends about wanting dive further into the country realm.

“There’s a version of [Hank Williams’ 1949 song] ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’ that’ll make you cry when you hear Mac sing it,” said the LP’s guitarist Shane Theriot. “As this record took shape, it wasn’t intentional, but the common thread is that the songs all deal with time and looking back. When you hear Mac sing, it’s somebody that’s lived a really full life. He sounds great, but he sounds exposed.”

However, no matter how country it may be, the new album surely contains the New Orleans flair Dr. John was famous for.

“The lyrical content” is country, Torkanowsky added, “but it was completely Rebennack’ed out.”

Theriot also mentioned that Dr. John rearranged some of his greatest hits, namely “Such a Night” and “I Walk On Guilded Splinters.”

Currently, there’s no word on when the LP will be released.

Read the full report via Rolling Stone here.