On Monday night, iconic Smiths frontman Morrissey stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for a performance in support of his upcoming covers album, California Son, which comes out next week on May 24.

Morrissey and his band played the lead track on the album, his version of “Morning Starship” by ’70s rocker Jobriath, whom Morrissey has long admired—the singer even helped facilitate a re-release of Jobriath’s music in 2004.

Morrissey’s unmistakable vocals were in full force last night, crooning throughout the cover (his lapel pin sporting the trident logo of the controversial, anti-Islamic far-right group For Britain, for which Morrissey has repeatedly voiced his support, also made an appearance). Fellow Tonight Show guest and actor Milo Ventimiglia wore a Morrissey shirt for the occasion and talked about his obsession with the singer when he was younger.

Watch both Morrissey’s performance and Ventimiglia’s interview below.