photo by Stephen Bloch

My Morning Jacket lead guitarist Carl Broemel surprised fans today by announcing and releasing a new EP, Brokenhearted Jubilee, which includes a new original track as well as covers of songs from Paul McCartney, Nick Drake, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, and more.

The album, which sees Broemel collaboration with drummer Eric Hopper, began with the duo playing McCartney’s “Junk” at Broemel’s home studio (hence the title, taken from a line in that tune) and features harmonica from Mickey Raphael on a few tracks, including a cover of Drake’s classic “Pink Moon” that also has keyboard work from Broemel’s MMJ bandmate Bo Koster. The EP also includes one new original, “Face of the Earth.”

“This is a collection of some of Eric and I’s favorite songs of all time, songs we come back to often,” explains Carl Broemel. “Once we started recording them, there emerged a kind of connecting theme of beauty amongst loss, how the springtime springtime only works as a result of experiencing the dark energy of winter, and in doing so, brings life back again fresh and new.”

Listen to Brokenhearted Jubilee below.

Brokenhearted Jubilee Tracklist:

  1. Junk (Paul McCartney)
  2. Pink Moon (Nick Drake)
  3. Longing For You (Palmer Rockey)
  4. In April (Sardina)
  5. Face of the Earth
  6. God Loves Everyone (Ron Sexsmith)
  7. The Way It Will Be (Gillian Welch and David Rawlings)