Pedal-steel maestro Robert Randolph has announced that his new album with his Family Band, Brighter Days, will be released on May 31.

The record was produced with Dave Cobb, known for his work in Nashville with the likes of Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton and Marcus King Band. Brighter Days features a few tracks that showcase Randolph’s gospel roots—the guitarist honed his “Sacred Steel” skills as a youth at the House of God church in New Jersey.

“All of these songs kind of harken back to how we started, to being known as this musical family band that comes from the church and appeals to rock, blues, gospel and soul music audiences,” Randolph says in a press release. “We wanted that good gospel, blues, R&B feel, because that’s where we started and it’s good to not only remind people of that but to actively remember it ourselves. Dave Cobb is just a guy who likes to record good music and good songs. He wanted to do something that was fun but it also gives you a gospel feeling. He knows the history of our band, coming from church and giving that fun church feeling to people.”

Listen to lead single “Second Hand Man” below, and pre-order Brighter Days here.

Brighter Days tracklist:

  1. Baptize Me
  2. Simple Man
  3. Cry Over Me
  4. Second Hand Man
  5. Have Mercy
  6. I Need You
  7. I’m Living Off The Love You Give
  8. Cut Em Loose
  9. Don’t Fight It
  10. Strange Train