Photo by Chris Capaci


Jam quartet Aqueous performed a special Halloween show at New York’s Knitting Factory on Wednesday night, playing into a “Nicktoons” theme by covering songs from classic ’90s cartoons like Doug, CatdogRocko’s Modern LifeRugrats, Ren &  Stimpy, Hey Arnold and Rocket Power.

After Chicago-based improvisers Mungion opened the show (all dressed as professional wrestlers), Aqueous kicked things off with “Killer Tofu” by the fictitious band The Beets from Doug. It was a fitting way to start the performance, as guitarist Mike Gantzer was dressed at the titular character’s alter-ego Quailman. The rest of Aqueous’ costumes all came to light as the show went on.

An exploration of the band’s Color Wheel track “Split The Difference” ended the first half, sandwiching segues into the theme to Rocko’s Modern Life (to match bassist Evan McPhaden’s Rocko costume) and the Mark Mothersbaugh-penned theme to Rugrats (to match guitarist/keyboardist Dave Loss’ Chuckie Finster costume).

Aqueous began set two with “Aledehyde” off their 2012 LP Willy is 40, and nodded to drummer Rob Houk’s Ren costume by playing the theme to the chaotic Nicktoon Ren & Stimpy. After a brief pause, the band moved through their own “Good Enough” as well as Ween’s “Ocean Man” and originals “Origami” and “What’s the Connection,” before jamming into the jazzy Hey Arnold! theme, during which members of Mungion traded instruments with members of Aqueous.

After reclaiming the stage, Aqueous transitioned back into “What’s the Connection?” and made a quick instrumental pass at the Doug theme before closing with Color Wheel‘s “Weight of the World.” They encored with the Rocket Power theme. 

For a full list of upcoming tour dates, visit Aqueous’ official website.

Check out the band’s recap video as well as their full setlist below:

October 31, 2018
The Knitting Factory, New York City 

I: Killer Tofu (1,2) > Realize Your Light, The Median, Don’t Do It (3) > Catdog Theme (1,4) > Don’t Do It, Split the Difference > Rocko’s Modern Life Theme (1,5) > Rugrats Theme (1,6) > Split the Difference 
II: Aldehyde > Ren and Stimpy Theme (1,7), Good Enough > Ocean Man (1,8) > Origami > What’s the Connection? > Hey Arnold Theme (9,10) > What’s the Connection? > Doug Theme (11,12) > Weight of the Word (13)
E: Rocket Power Theme (1,14)
1- Debut 
2- from the show Doug
3- Doug theme tease
4- from the show Catdog 
5- from the show Rocko’s Modern Life 
6- from the show Rugrats 
7- from the show Ren & Stimpy 
8- Ween cover
9- from the show Hey Arnold! 
10- Mungion switched off with AQ members on their respective instruments one by one, performed the Hey Arnold! Theme, then Aqueous members replaced Mungion members during Hey Arnold! jam on their respective instruments 
11- Instrumental
12- from the show Doug 
13- Rocko’s Modern Life Theme tease 
14- from the show Rocket Power 
Show Note – To go with the Nicktoons theme, Mike is dressed as Quailman from Doug, Dave is dressed as Chuckie from Rugrats, Evan is dressed as Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life, and Rob is dressed as Ren from Ren & Stimpy