photo by Whitten Sabbatini


Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy has announced his new solo album, WARM, which is set for release on November 30 via dBpm Records, and has shared the video for lead single “Some Birds.”

Writer George Saunders penned an essay for the liner notes that will accompany WARM, and the piece can be read in full via The New Yorker here. Saunders writes that the album “is one of the most joyful, celebratory, infectious collections of songs I’ve heard in a long time. It’s intimate and yet vast and feels lovingly made, by actual people, in some particular place, and not inside a computer. As I was listening, I kept picturing a tight little cabin in the woods somewhere (the woods of Chicago?), under a big yellow moon, and four or five Jeffs in there, all playing different instruments, and Spencer on drums, and Susie and Sammy are there, too, and there’s a fire going, and a feeling of love and discovery and fondness in the smoky air.”

WARM was recorded and produced by Tweedy at The Loft studio in Chicago, with contributions from his son and bandmate Spencer, Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche and producer Tom Schick. The video for “Some Birds,” which can be viewed below, was directed by Seth Henrikson, who says that the video highlights Tweedy’s “uncanny sense of men’s fashion and hairstyles.”

Tweedy himself says that “Some Birds” is, ““like a lot of songs on WARM, a confrontation between self and shadow self—simultaneously feeling I’m to blame and not to blame, present and gone, and utterly confused, but determined to hold someone accountable.”

Listen to the single below, and pre-order WARM here. Tweedy also recently announced that his memoir, Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back), will be released on November 13.




WARM Tracklist:

1. Bombs Above
2. Some Birds
3. Don’t Forget
4. How Hard it is for a Desert to Die
5. Let’s Go Rain
6. From Far Away
7. I Know What It’s Like
8. Having Been Is No Way To Be
9. The Red Brick
10. Warm (When The Sun Has Died)
11. How Will I Find You