A new exposé published by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has revealed what music fans have suspected for some time: that ticketing behemoth Ticketmaster not only “turns a blind eye” to scalpers but the company maintains partnerships with professional brokers  via TradeDesk, “a web-based inventory management system” that “allows scalpers to upload large quantities of tickets purchased from Ticketmaster’s site and quickly list them again for resale.” This practice goes above and beyond the Verified Resale program which is billed as “Fan-to-Fan resale.” TradeDesk is not advertised on Ticketmaster’s website, and potential users are vetted before gaining access to what the company proudly calls, “The most powerful ticket sales tool. Ever.”

Any music fan knows scalping is a huge issue, and this new, explosive CBC article demonstrates the extent to which Ticketmaster is partnering with professional ticket resellers and not just helping concertgoers sell extra seats to performances they cannot attend.

“I have brokers that have literally a couple of hundred accounts,” a Ticketmaster representative told an undercover journalist. “It’s not something that we look at or report.”