The Decemberists have teamed up with director and photographer Autumn de Wilde to create the music video for “Once In My Life,” a track off their newest LP I’ll Be Your Girl.

The video stars the director’s brother Jacob de Wilde, who stands at 7’2”.

“In my mind, the song is a meditation, a plea to the cosmos that I imagine everyone, at some point or another, has made,” singer/guitarist Colin Meloy said in an official statement. “We asked our old friend and collaborator Autumn de Wilde to pitch an idea and she came to us with a simple but powerful story: a depiction of her brother Jacob, a man who has lived with physical and intellectual differences his entire life, dancing in the streets of Los Angeles. The song, in this light, becomes more than just a ‘celebration of sadness,’ (which I have sometimes called it) but suddenly a longing holler to the universe against one’s perceived otherness.”

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Watch the video for “Once In My Life” below: