Guitarist and singer-songwriter Cris Jacobs will team up with his old band The Bridge for a special three-night Coming Home run in their hometown of Baltimore next week.

“I spent most of my 20s and some of my 30s traveling around in a van playing music with some guys. We had some good times,” Jacobs writes on his Facebook page. “We sold the van and stopped driving around, but we still like to get together and have some fun every once in a while.”

For their shows, which are set for Baltimore’s 8×10, The Bridge will recreate three separate concerts from their past appearances at the venue from 2004 to 2011.

“The 8X10 has always held a special place in all our hearts. We have performed on that stage over 100 times and it was always a safe place for us to grow and try new things as a band. What we did not expect was the amazing family and community that was created, not just around the band and our music, but this iconic room itself. After going back and listening to the archive of shows we started to get major feels and remembering times spent with our music family and it was impossible to resist the urge to bring that feeling back. Feels to us like Coming Home.”

The Coming Home run will take place June 21–23 at The 8×10. Tickets and more information can be found here.