Yesterday, Jack Johnson hosted a benefit supporting those affected by the recent wildfires and floods in Southern California at the Santa Barbara Bowl. The singer-songwriter led a revolving door of guests throughout the night, including David Crosby, Ben Harper and members of ALO.

Johnson kicked off the night with a few solo tunes, including “Do You Remember,” “Sitting Waiting Wishing” and “Good People,” before the guests started with Vaughn Montgomery and Ted Lennon on “Get Together.” ALO then came out for a few tunes including their collaboration with Johnson, “Girl I Wanna Lay You Down,” and “Bubble Toes.”

Next up were Kenny Loggins and his daughter Hana, plus ALO’s Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, who came out for “Danny’s Song” before Crosby joined the group for Crosby, Still Nash & Young’s “Teach Your Children” (watch a video of that performance above) and “Love the One You’re With.”

Harper would then emerge for “Please Please Me” and “Flake.” He would later return for the encore, which included “My Own Two Hands” and a finale of “Better Together” with many of the night’s guests joining them on stage.

See the full setlist below.

Jack Johnson & Friends
Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA

Times Like These
Do You Remember
Sitting Waiting Wishing
Good People
Get Together (w/ Vaughn Montgomery, Ted Lennon)
Big Sur (w/ ALO)
Girl I Wanna Lay You Down (w/ ALO)
Bubble Toes (w/ ALO)
Danny’s Song (w/ Kenny Loggins, Hana Loggins and Lebo)
Teach Your Children (w/ David Crosby, Kenny Loggins, Hana Loggins and Lebo)
Love the One You’re With (w/ David Crosby, Kenny Loggins, Hana Loggins and Lebo)
Please Please Me (w/ Ben Harper)
Flake (w/ Ben Harper)
Banana Pancakes
Tape Deck (w/ Stewart Cole, Orpheo McCord)
Mudfootball (w/ Stewart Cole, Orpheo McCord)

Ben Harper solo tune
My Own Two Hands (Jack and Ben)
High Tide, Low Tide (Jack and Ben)
Better Together (all)