Phish drummer Jon Fishman recently appeared on the Drummer’s Resource podcast, hosted by Nick Ruffini, to speak about all things behind-the-kit and much more, including the past, present and future of Phish, opening up a general store in Maine and why shuffle beats are hard.

The two-part podcast episode, titled “The Art of Constant Evolution,” was completed with part two being released today. As JamBase note, the new segment focuses more on drumming—including how Fishman sees the “Julius” from Phish’s most recent New Year’s Eve run as the first time he successfully navigated the song’s shuffle beat—but also includes talks on Phish’s Baker’s Dozen run at Madison Square Garden and how the “no-repeats” idea came to be, lessons Fishman learned on an ’80s trip to Europe and more.

Part one of the duo of episodes sees Fishman get into the opening of his Maine general store, looking back to Phish’s rise to fame and dealing with the increased visibility, some drumming nuts-and-bolts like playing in unique time signatures and with different feels, and whether great drummers are born with it, among other topics.