Reddit’s Grateful Dead subreddit continues its rollout of scheduled fan Q&As with various members of the extended Dead universe with a couple more announcements, including an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with former Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten.

Constanten, who played with the Dead from 1968–70, including through three album releases, claims the title of only surviving former full-time Dead keyboardist. He will host his fan Q&A segment on January 19 at 6pm through 8pm EST. Also announced is an AMA with guitarist Zach Nugent, who plays with Melvin Seals & JGB, the group that continues the work and spirit of the Jerry Garcia Band. That Q&A will take place January 5, 6–7:30pm, EST.

Other /r/gratefuldead AMAs in January include sessions with author Dennis McNally and Midnight North/Terrapin Family Band guitarist Grahame Lesh. See the schedule below.

Grateful Dead Reddit AMA Schedule

January 5 – Zach Nugent
January 12 – Dennis McNally
January 19 – Tom Constanten
January 26 – Grahame Lesh