_Wesley Hodges_

Dave Malone, guitarist for legendary New Orleans cajun rock band The Radiators, has revealed that he and his bandmates have been in the studio recently for what will seemingly be an upcoming new album from the group.

“Who-eee…Been in the recording studio all day..I’m pretty sure me and the boys are recording a new Radiators record,” Malone writes in a Facebook post from last night. He also notes that the new album’s working title is Welcome to the Monkey House.

The Radiators formed in the late ’70s and became known for their energetic live shows, especially in their hometown Crescent City. The band officially broke up in 2011 but have played yearly reunion shows in New Orleans since, still performing with the same five-member lineup that they started with in 1978 – Ed Volker, Malone, Camile Baudoin, Reggie Scanlan and Frank Bua Jr. Their last studio album was 2006’s Dreaming Out Loud (2009’s The Lost Southlake Sessions was recorded in the ’90s but not released at the time).