_Peter Wallace_

Tomorrow, Mike Gordon will begin listing a number of his instruments via his page on Reverb, including a guitar made by famed Phish luthier Paul Languedoc, his own used Lakland bass, a Silvertone guitar from the ’60s and more.

Gordon spoke with Reverb about the collection, mentioning that he’s had the Languedoc since 2001, that his Lakland bass “is an amazing example of a retro sound with modern reliability” and noting that he got his Silvertone 1448 after playing one at Marco Benevento’s house.

“I’m not a collector per sé, but I do like to find instruments and sounds that are unique and special, both old and new,” Gordon says. “So I’ve accumulated a smattering of interesting ones, especially for the sake of experimenting in the studio and, sometimes, to mix it up on stage. I also really have a deep appreciation for builders that innovate and strive for aesthetic beauty and cool sounds.”

Read more of Gordon’s interview with Reverb here and visit his personal page here. The instruments, some of which can be seen in the photos below, will be listed on the site beginning tomorrow, October 12, at 11am ET.