_via Derhak’s Facebook_

moe. are currently on hiatus due to the treatment Rob Derhak is undergoing after his throat cancer diagnosis, and the bassist shared an update on his situation today, saying that he is halfway through his chemo and radiation therapy.

“I’m feeling pretty good all in all, and they say I’m looking really good for someone at this point,” Derhak writes in a Facebook post. He goes on to thank those helping him through the treatments, namely his wife Becca, brother John and friend Edie.

“I can’t say thank you enough to all of the support and help from my family, friends, and Famoe.ly,” Derhak continues. “I love all you guys and am grateful that you are part of my life. I’ll be better soon, and as soon as I’m able, I’ll be back on stage performing for all you guys!”