_Ian Rawn_

After moe. bassist Rob Derhak was diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer, the band decided to take an indefinite hiatus but not before a gig at Lockn’ with Phil Lesh filling in for Derhak during an emotional tribute to the bassist. Derhak connected with his band remotely before their set, facetiming with the group and controlling a toy robot onstage from his home.

Lesh and moe. came out with “Box of Rain” to open the set before welcoming Lesh’s son Grahame for moe.‘s own “Silver Sun” that forayed into “The Other One” before returning to the song. Performers earlier in the day, The Revivalists, then joined the ensemble as David Shaw, Rob Ingraham and Michael Girardo led the way on The Band’s “Ophelia.”

moe. and Lesh played the next segment without guests, as they combined their own “Four” with “Birdsong” before bringing out Bob Weir, Graheme Lesh and Nicki Bluhm for “The Music Never Stopped” and then with just Weir (who sported a “rob.” shirt in support of the bassist) for the closing segment of “Sugar Magnolia” and “Sunshine Daydream.”

Here’s a look at the setlist:

moe. with Phil Lesh
LOCKN’ Infinity Downs Farm, Arrington, VA

Box of Rain, Silver Sun* > Other One* > Silver Sun*, Ophelia^ , Four > Bird Song > Four, Music Never Stopped^^, Sugar Magnolia^^^ > Scarlet Begonias^^^ > Sunshine Daydream^^^

Entire show without Rob Derhak, who is being treated for oropharyngeal cancer. Bob Weir wore a “rob.” shirt in his honor during a guest appearance
*with Grahame Lesh
^with David Shaw, Rob Ingraham, and Michael Girardo
^^with Bob Weir, Grahame Lesh & Nicki Bluhm
^^^with Bob Weir