Four members of RatDog’s longest-running lineup shared the stage during the Live Dead ’69 show at Brooklyn, NY’s The Hall at MP last night. The ensemble was already slated to feature former RatDog guitarist Mark Karan, founding RatDog drummer Jay Lane and longtime RatDog bassist Robin Sylvester, as well as Jefferson Starship/David Crosby guitarist Slick Aguilar and keyboardist Tom Constanten, who was a member of the Grateful Dead for a brief but important period from 1968-1970. Former RatDog saxophonist Kenny Brooks, who lives in the area, also showed up and joined the group during their complete recreation of the Dead’s first concert release, Live/Dead.

Along with Bob Weir and keyboardist Jeff Chimenti, Karan, Lane, Sylvester and Brooks were part of RatDog’s most steady lineup from 2003-2010. Live Dead ’69 will perform at New Haven, CT’s Toad’s Place this evening.