After hinting that a new album might be coming sometime soon Gov’t Mule have confirmed that they will release Revolution Come…Revolution Go on June 9. The band has also shared two singles today, along with a Rolling Stone interview with Warren Haynes.

The new album was produced in part by Don Was and Gordie Johnson, and, as Haynes recounts, the recording sessions began on Election Day 2016, a fact that colored the feel of the studio time. “The first thing we did, once we found out that he had won, was we went in and played a blues tune to get it out of our systems,” Haynes tells Rolling Stone. “No thoughts of putting it on the record; we just thought, let’s go play some blues. We were just joking around – ‘Wow, this is going to be a really dark record’ – but somewhere along the line we decided, let’s tackle these political songs, but let’s also do all the positive stuff about making the world better and reflection and one-on-one relationships.”

The first single shared was the appropriately themed “Stone Cold Rage,” which Haynes says speaks to both sides of the political aisle. “I wanted to capture that intensity that’s going on right now,” he says. “I’ve never seen it like this, ever. I grew up in the South; I’ve never seen people so angry and so divided. And we go all over the country.”

The second single, “Sarah, Surrender,” was premiered today at KBCO. Haynes says the tune was one of the last written for the record, an intentionally non-political track that speaks to the “positive stuff” side of what Haynes and company wanted for the record.

Pre-orders for Revolution Come…Revolution Go begin tomorrow, April 12. Listen to both singles below.