The Jerry Garcia Foundation and The Hard Rock Cafe will present a WhyHunger Holiday Benefit show on December 18 at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Francisco.

The event will feature appearances from Bob Weir as well as Corby Pryor, Rainbow Full of Sound and Keystone Revisited. Artist Stanley Mouse and Wavy Gravy will also be participating in the event—Mouse will create poster art for the holiday benefit and Wavy Gravy will lead the festivities.

All door proceeds will benefit Yoko Ono’s “Imagine There’s No Hunger” campaign, which looks to advance long-term solutions to hunger and poverty by supporting community-based organizations that empower individuals and build self-reliance.

“We have so much gratitude to all those coming together to raise awareness and support for this great cause. Music and the arts continue to change the world for the better,” Keelin Garcia said. The Jerry Garcia Foundation will also donate an original art piece by the guitarist entitled “California Mission.”

More information is available here.