Yesterday, Rich Robinson announced that The Black Crowes were officially breaking up. Drummer Steve Gorman, who has previously said he’d be surprised if the Crowes ever did anything again, addressed the breakup on his radio show.

Per JamBase, Gorman stated, “(Rich Robinson’s) statement is true. I’m really sorry to say. That’s all she wrote for The Black Crowes.” The drummer went on to thank the fans, saying, “Thanks to everybody because The Black Crowes had a tremendous run and far more than the knuckleheads that we were in 1987 when we started the band, should’ve ever have hoped to expected.”

Gorman addressed the business side of things, specifically the request that Chris Robinson wanted Gorman and brother Rich to surrender their share of the band. “There was no chance in a million years that would be agreed to,” he said. Co-host Jeffrey Gorman made the Axl Rose comparison, to which Steve Gorman added, “I’d say just simply add a private education and a boatload of artistic pretense and there’s our boy.”

The drummer also revealed that the band planned on hitting the road this year. “We had every intention of going out this year, because this is 25 years since the first record came out. That was in the books.”