HeadCount, a New York-based civic engagement non-profit that is best known for their concert and festival voter registration drives, will be organizing Participation Row, an interactive non-profit village at the inaugural Lockn’ Festival.

Participation Row will be anchored by the “Qello Lounge,” where fans can relax and enter a prize drawing once they’ve visited at least four non-profit booths on Participation Row. Qello is also sponsoring a silent auction, where attendees can bid on a guitar and poster signed by headlining artists. All proceeds will be split among the non-profit organizations on Participation Row.

Participation Row will feature a number of great organizations like Conscious Alliance, who will be offering special posters to anyone that brings 20 non-perishable food items to their booth at Lockn’. The collected food items will be distributed by a local non-profits like the Nelson County Pantry. There will be plenty of Virginia-based organizations on Participation Row like Appalachian Voices, The Instrumental Giving Fund, FeedRVA, and the North Branch School, as well as national organizations like Habitat for Humanity, The Sierra Club, Oxfam and The ONE Campaign.

Upon entering Lockn’, fans will receive a card they can bring to any non-profit booth on Participation Row and receive a stamp for taking a specific action. Once they have four stamps, they can bring their card to the Qello Lounge, where they’ll find couches and a sampling of the world’s largest library of on-demand music content. Just by dropping off a completed stamp card they’ll get a free 30-day Qello “All Access Pass”. And, they’ll be entered into a drawing for prizes such as Super VIP Tickets to next year’s Lockn’, a guitar signed by Lockn’ headliners, and year-long Qello All Access Passes. A separate prize drawing will be held every day.

Lockn’ promoter Peter Shapiro says, “Lockn’ is going to be a unique and memorable experience, and Participation Row will be central to that. Everyone who attends this festival will leave with great memories and a feeling that they were part of something special.”

Andy Bernstein, executive director of HeadCount, says Participation Row will encompass all the best elements from festivals around the country, adding “HeadCount has been a part of so many non-profit villages and we’ve seen what works best. So we’re shamelessly taking the best ideas and rolling them all up into one experience.”