As previously reported, Gregg Allman will release his new memoir, My Cross to Bear, on May 1 via William Morrow. In the book, Allman discusses, in his own words, his legacy as one of the Allman Brother’s founding members along with the hardships that have followed the band, including the death of his brother Duane, struggles with drugs and alcohol and the long-lasting feud with former Allman’s guitarist Dickey Betts.

In the Chapter titled, ‘One Way Out’ Allman reveals new details about the Dickey Betts feud to Relix contributor Alan Light:

Where It All Begins was the last studio album we ever did with Dickey, because both his behavior and his playing were becoming more erratic, and issues developed between him and Allen Woody. Basically, Woody was tired of taking Dickey’s shit, and it got pretty ugly between them. Warren, too, had grown weary of Dickey’s subpar playing and the fact that Dickey’s solution was to just crank it up and play even louder. The volume certainly had something to do with his drinking, which he was doing a lot of. At one point, we outlawed any kind of alcohol onstage, since I was sober. Suddenly, he didn’t have anyone to drink and play with, because nobody else in the band drank.”