After a stretch of 11 years since their last studio recording, The Jayhawks have come together for the new album, Mockingbird Time. The 12-track will be released on September 20 via Rounder Records. Unlike many other reunion albums, the album will include contributions from all the group’s former bands members with songs written band leaders Mark Olson and Gary Louris serving as the disc’s primary songwriters. Louris will also also act as the album’s producer.

Mockingbird Time was recorded at The Terrarium Recording Studios in Minneapolis over a month in the winter of 2010. When asked about their return to the studio, Lauris reflected, “The difference from then and now is that Mark and I have both experienced different kinds of music and expanded our palates. So this record has moments of experimentation and a bit of worldliness. I like a well-crafted, in-and-out kind of song, but with Mark, the lyrics dictate the music, and he’ll go off into interesting, asymmetrical compositions. So it’s a nice balance. Certain things were meant to be—like peanut butter and jelly—and Mark and I just work well together. And having done a lot of co-writing during the last six or seven years, I’m more appreciative of the magic that we have together. That doesn’t come along very often for anybody.”

The new album is a culmination of a two-year flood of archival material. The Jayhawks’ first career anthology, Music From The North Country, was released in 2009, and the band re-released its first two albums in August 2010. Two other additional Jayhawks were also recently re-released in January 2011 with the addition of rare bonus tracks.

Here’s a look at The Jayhawks’ new album by track

1. Hide Your Colors

2. Closer to Your Side

3. Tiny Arrows

4. She Walks in So Many Ways

5. High Water Blues

6. Mockingbird Time

7. Stand out in the Rain

8. Cinnamon Love

9. Guilder Annie

10. Black Eyed Susan

11. Pouring Rain at Dawn

12. Hey Mr. Man