The same week Bob Weir and the members of Furthur experienced some trouble crossing the border into Canada, another core jamband was stopped en route to Canada. On July 10, Blues Traveler was held at the border truing to get into Canada to perform at Western Ontario’s Thunder Bay Blues Festival. The group was eventually let into the country and performed at the festival. The group’s problems entering the country likely stems from frontman John Popper’s arrest in 2007 for gun possession.

The group recounted the story in a recent blog entry that was picked up by Relix contributor Steve Bloom for his blog.

It was a great treat given that the border made us wait seven f***ing hours needlessly before letting us in the country. They did, however, have time enough to break a xerox machine, laugh about it, use flashlights inside the office, laugh about that, walk slowly to the other side of the room, walk slowly back, organize the walkie talkies, deny access to a band playing at the festival, heat up what looked like microwave pizza, laugh with a Canadian accent at a joke about their uniforms, search for a fishing vacation (I saw this in the mirror behind the dutifully preoccupied clerk with hair plugs desk), proceed to adjust his nut sack behind the desk where I could still see him in the mirror, search for a cruise ship vacation, heat up another microwave pizza (i think this one had pepperoni on it), deny Tab Benoit’s band access to the country (who by the way is one mother f***er of a guitar player), talk to our tour manager condescendingly, make a sandwich, copy some things on the broke xerox, go to the bathroom for what I gauge as much longer than ample pee time, laugh at a band member sleeping in a chair, walk slowly to the back office, talk to us like criminals, deny us access and wish us a “good day eh.”