STS9 played its first-ever acoustic “Axe The Cables… An Evening of STS9” show at Denver, CO’s Gates Hall on December 29. As the band explains, “The entire show was played, for the most part, sans all ‘electric’ gear including the common stage instrumentation of laptops our fans have grown quite accustomed to.” The group will release a re-cut, re-mixed and re-mastered version of the show tomorrow, June 29. Today over on, we’re offering a sample of what is to come, as we’re streaming the song “Equinox” – click here to check out the track.

As a reminder, STS9 also is featured in our Live from Jam Nation archival series, which continues this week, with three classic performances. A second set from STS9 appears, which originated on September 30, 2001. We’re also added set two from Galactic’s performance recorded on November 21, 2002. Finally to mark the release of Tea Leaf Green’s new album, Looking West, which focuses on the band’s older material, that group’s first set from April 20, 2003 is now streaming as well.