Jambands.com/Relix contributor Fady Khalil also plays guitar in the band Hiding From Andy. The group has an EP due out this summer and the first single “Less is Sometimes More” is currently streaming online. Khalil talks about the process of selecting this initial song in his current column on the site. Here he writes, “he complications largely exist because, presumably, the role of an album single for a jamband could be quite different and unique, considering the genres’ focus on lengthy improvisation. So we had to decide whether we should pick a long meandering jammer, a concise radio-friendly cut, or something in between? But we worried, if we chose something too pop would it receive a cold shoulder from jam fans? Then again, would a purist jam odyssey be too much for most mainstream listeners?” For a bit more on the thought process, check out Khalil’s current column, “The Single Life.”