Jon “The Barber” Gutwillig back in 2008 – photo by Jake Krolick

With The Disco Biscuits’ Jon Gutwillig still recovering from a wrist injury, last Monday the group announced that would once again bring guitarists Tom Hamilton and Chris Michetti out on the road for shows that took place over the weekend. While Hamilton and Michetti did indeed perform with the quartet in Syracuse and Montclair, NJ, Gutwillig also demonstrated that he is on the mend. Saturday night’s gig at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair saw him on guitar without any support from Hamilton and Michetti during extended stretches. Gutwillig was the lone player during a run from “Spraypaint” into “Spacebirdmatingcall” and back into “Spraypaint” which closed out the first set and then during the second set closer, “Basis For A Day.”

The guitarist told Relix/, “It feels pretty awesome, the wrist feel good, feel good as new, I think it’s probably better, yeah it’s a little bit stiffer for the right hand, stiffer is better because like you want fast really specific motions for that hand so I fell like that’s better actually.
I think there’s a bright side there, you know? I feel like my wrist is going to be great and the last month was really fun and it feels good.”

The Biscuits are now off until their Bisco Inferno event in Colorado over Memorial Day weekend.