Charlie Hitchcock with Particle, Irving Plaza, NYC, 10/31/03- photo by Robert Massie

Guitarist Charlie Hitchcock parted ways with Particle in the fall of 2005. Next week he will return to the stage with the group for two nights in Southern California. These shows will honor the memories of two early band supporters who recently passed away: Gregg Lobdell and Jimmy Lebloch. The group explains that it “is eternally grateful for all the friendship and amazing experiences they shared with Jimmy and Gregg over the years, and they feel the best way to help their friends and family celebrate the lives of these two special people is to come together to perform as the classic Particle lineup that Jimmy and Gregg both loved so much.” These performances are set for May 21 at St. Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA and May 22 at Winstons in Ocean Beach, CA