Special April 1 Report

Back on December 29, STS9 performed an Axe The Cables night in Denver. That show saw the group deliver its first entirely acoustic sets. This July in Boston, STS9 will take things to a new level with its first-ever Axe The Cable Guy night. There at the House of Blues, the quintet will not only return to the acoustic format but at set break will offer a ritual cleansing of all cable subscribers in the room. Some brief aromatherapy will give way to a collective griping that will build to a deep exhale, directing “the most unkindest of unkind vibes” to all local cable providers. To reinforce its point, before the second set begins, STS9 will compel everyone in attendance to sit through the 1996 Jim Carrey film, The Cable Guy. As the band explains, “It’s all about turning yourself off to the mainstream media and turning yourself on to the rhythms of the planet. Plus, we got a killer sponsorship deal from DISH Network.”