Soulive will release its new album, Rubber Soulive, today. The album features covers of 11 Beatles songs, including “Eleanor Rigby,” “In My Life” and “Taxman.” The group will celebrate tonight with its next performance at Brooklyn, NY’s Brooklyn Bowl. Nigel Hall will once again open the show and Charlie Hunter will sit in with the band.

The trio’s Bowlive residency at Brooklyn Bowl continued over the weekend. The collaborations started early Friday night, and all three members of Soulive joined Hall onstage during his opening set for “Leave Me Alone.” Soulive’s first set stuck to the classic trio format and featured a rare version of “Cash’s Dream,” as well as the first Beatles covers of the run (“Eleanor Rigby” and “I Want You”). After the ensemble finished, the London Souls played a surprise “tweener” set. The members of Soulive then returned for a guest-heavy performance that drew in Hall, the Soulive Horns and percussionist Danny Sadownick. London Souls’ Tash Neal also appeared on a cover of “Manic Depression.”

Soulive’s Saturday night performance featured four sets of music: Nigel Hall opened the night, the original Soulive trio played one set and Ivan Neville and the Soulive Horns sat in with the band for another. As the group’s second set began, Robert Randolph made his way into the venue. The group briefly paused and then offered a surprise third set that featured Randolph, Neville and the Soulive Horns. The musicians ran through “Just Kissed My Baby” and a James Brown medley, among many other songs.

Soulive explains on its blog, “Robert Randolph snuck in the stage door and began tuning up his pedal steel for a surprise set that the packed house was certainly not prepared for. To be honest, set three was a blur. I couldn’t figure out who to focus on and I was bombarded by fans, friends and family raving about the spectacle on-stage. Randolph took charge of the stage using the powers of Soulive, the horns and incredible vocals from Ivan Neville and Nigel, to drive the crowd absolutely wild. The crowd roared for more and the band wasn’t done just yet…A James Brown-style encore, featuring all of these heavyweights, redefined funky and I think some bowling balls jumped into the next lane from the hard-hitting house shaking. A whole week to go. Won’t catch me complainin’…this is funky heaven!”