Phil Lesh, Mike Gordon and Les Claypool at the Jammy Awards. Photo by Michael Weintrob

Mike Gordon is currently rehearsing for a series of solo dates with his eponymous band. While practicing in Vermont, the group toyed around in the studio and came up with some interesting results. Gordon explains, “On the first day of practices, we decided to come to the studio and invite the muse to control us for a day. I led a guided meditation in which we imagined tapping into universal energy that connects from the spheres, through us, and into the center of the Earth, and then we imagined being on stage as the music played the band and the coolest sound we could imagine came out. Each band member then described his aural vision, directing the others to create it. And this little sampling is [percussionist] Craig Myers’ vision, entitled ‘Birth Of The Universe.’ He described ambience wallowing from nothingness, and then mouthed out a rhythm that Todd could then interpret, helping to kick thing into rock-ass gear. Nice work, Craig.”

The track is available for download here. Mike Gordon Band will kick off its first round of 2010 dates with an appearance at Troy, NY’s Revolution Hall on March 5.