Last night, Matisyahu played a surprise two-hour set at New York’s 74-person Rockwood Music Hall. The gig was billed as Aaron Dugan’s Booby Trap, a name the Hassidic-reggae star has used on occasion to play stealth, freeform gigs (Matis has played a few stealth shows at Rockwood in recent months as well). In addition to Matisyahu and Dugan (his longtime guitarist), the band also featured bassist Jason Fraticelli and onetime Jazz Mandolin Project drummer Mark Guiliana. The group ran through a set of all-improv jazz-based jams that Matisyahu described as “off the top” and, at one point, a glowstick war erupted in the tiny room. A number of guests took the stage with the group throughout the night: Jeff Taylor (vocals), Nir Felder (guitar), Amy Carrigan (vocals) and Yehuda Solomon (vocals). Mark Guiliana is a member of Taylor’s solo band. Asher Roth was also spotted in the audience.