Ubiquitous guitarist Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers Band, Phil and Friends, Gov’t Mule) will debut his weekly radio segment, The Warren Report, next Sunday on radio program ‘Jam Nation.’ Each week Haynes will offer commentary on a particular studio cut or live track that he selects. Last night, Warren explained to the show’s audience that he does not consider the forthcoming Gov’t Mule release, The Deep End, to be a tribute record. ‘It is a tribute to Allen Woody,’ he noted ‘But it is not a tribute record in the way that most tribute records are redone versions of preexisting material. This is brand new material or unreleased material, mostly songs that nobody’s ever heard before. There is original material and a few covers but there are not remakes of any Gov’t Mule songs or any of my songs. There is a version of ‘Soulshine,’ but we included it because there was no Warren Haynes or Gov’t Mule recording of ‘Soulshine.’ After Allen Woody passed the way we felt the only way to move forward was to record with a lot of Woody’s favorite bass players and a lot of our favorite bass players.’ Jam Nation is hosted by Jambands.com’s Jeff Waful and Dean Budnick and airs weekly from 8-10PM on 104.1 FM out of Hartford, CT.