Here’s another piece originally designated for Phish’s Curveball paper. Celestial Seasonings’ Ginseng Sullivan herbal tea is available for free this weekend from the HeadCount booth at Dick’s. To receive one, sign up for election alerts by texting VOTER to 40649 and show your confirmation at booth, which is located near section 135. .

HeadCount and Boulder-based tea company Celestial Seasonings announced a new partnership earlier this year based on both group’s mutual appreciation for the power of music and music fans. In celebration, Celestial Seasonings designed an new, Phish inspired tea blend affectionately named “Ginseng Sullivan” after Phish’s powerhouse bluegrass cover.

The ultra limited edition blend—only 6,000 units are being produced— is a herbal, caffeine free tea made with ginseng ideal for chilling out after a killer show. The boxes themselves are adorned with art, designed by longtime Phish poster artist Jim Pollock, which pays homage to both Pollock’s signature poster style and HeadCount’s voter registration mission. Each box also includes information about HeadCount, their mission and history, as well as upcoming elections.

“We’re very proud to partner with HeadCount to support their mission of getting more people engaged and participating in our democracy,” Celestial Seasonings Vice President Tim Collins said. “It was such a thrill for us to create these new tea blends and partner with these incredible artists. We’re going to have a great time at the shows this summer talking to fans about how to get involved and be heard.”

This is not the first time that the HeadCount world and Phish world have intersected. The community cultivated by Phish and their fans have long lent their powerful voice to raising awareness on the importance of voting. And going even back before the 2004 elections, HeadCount co-founder Andy Bernstein, a Phish super phan, authored The Pharmer’s Almanac series of books chronicling the entire career, catalogue, and scene of Phish.

“There is no way our organization would be where it is today if not for Phish and their fans,” HeadCount Director of Communications Aaron Ghitelman added. “The first festival I ever attended was Phish’s Superball at Watkins Glen. Without Phish I can’t imagine I’d ever have gotten involved with HeadCount. To be able to give these teas away at Curveball, to be able to add to the interactive experience that is a Phish festival — well that’s a dream come true for me.”

Ginseng Sullivan will not be sold by Celestial Seasonings online or in stores. In order to get your hands on a box, just head on over to the HeadCount booth and sign up for non-partisan election alerts. Only a limited amount will be available, so run like an antelope before they’re all gone!