Keller Williams has released two new albums: Sync with his group, the Keller Williams KWahtro and Raw, which presents 10 solo acoustic tracks. He will be touring with various collaborators over the months to come.

What will you remember most about 2016?

My stage experiences with the KWahtro – Danton Boller, Rodney Holmes and Gibb Droll

Which album or albums have you listened to most this past year?

Getter What the Frick EP
Vulfpeck Beautiful Game
Soul Coughing Ruby Vroom

What was your favorite show of 2016?

Favorite show(s) I saw were Femi Kuti at Floydfest and Odesza at Red Rocks.

Favorite show(s) I played were Keller and the Keels set at Strings & Sol in Mexico and Grateful Gospel at Lockn’.

What emerging artists should we watch out for in 2017?
The Accidentals

Any big plans in the works for 2017?

Going back to the roots with simplistic solo shows like my Shut the Folk Up and Listen tour with Leo Kottke.

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