As moe. charges into its second decade, we offer up these images which originally ran in our “moe. insert” special edition, marking the group’s first decade…

Rob Derhak in attic of Buffalo/LaSalle apartment. moe. was recording their first demo: “Code name Weaselshark,” 1990.

A gig with Al Schnier while guitarist Dave Kessler was still in the band. General Clinton’s Pub, Oneonta, NY 1991

An early band shoot by Colter Young IV, 1992.

Jim Loughlin in action, the first time around. 1992ish.

Rob at Broadway Joe’s, 1994.

Supper Club, 1996. CD Release party for No Doy

Rob and his wife Becca, Wetlands 1995-96. She remembers, “My friends Lisa and Coulter and I dressed up as go go dancers and danced on stage for a long time. moe. played until around 6AM.”

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