Was the Tarantino Mixtape edited on the fly, or carefully crafted over a period of weeks?

[The Tarantino Mixtape] was carefully edited. We watched through the movies repeatedly. There are certain styles that Tarantino repeats- like the opening of a trunk. There are certain cues that Tarantino likes to repeat in all of his movies, so it was really cool to take those themes, and edit sections of them. The preparation with Tarantino was all about watching the movies and collecting the clips, but the composing of it is much more like [composing music] in Logic or Q-Base. We used Sony Vegas , because it is the only software that allows you to edit in beats and bars.

Tell us about the past couple months. You guys have been spending a lot of time in the States, did that seem like the natural progression for your group after success in the UK?

Yeah, we were a big part of the dance scene in Europe. I moved [to the States] two years ago, basically because I love New York and I really enjoy living here. There are also so many media companies based here, so it was natural for us to try and make friends with different media companies to do official re-mixes.

How did the residency at the Brooklyn Bowl come about?

Our manager [Justin Bolognino] has been involved with that venues since before it was even open- he is one of the original guys involved with it. WE became really good friends with the people there. They have a really big video set up, and they wanted something regular that would test out and show off the equipment they had through sick-ass video. They actually built the DJ booth with Pioneer, specifically for live video.

Describe how the residency has developed?

Each night is completely different. There will be a different guest every Friday playing with us. Sometimes it will be a band we’ve played with before like The Disco Biscuits, and we will take a slightly more musical approach, more rock band. Other nights when we play with another DJ, we will play more of a house-music approach. Being eclectic, that’s like our style to do things different every time.

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