Top 10 things I REALLY want for Christmas this year

10. For Trey to realize that although it’s always good to try new things, his complex writing style of yesteryear was brilliant. I want another Junta-style Phish album.

9. For “jam bands” to realize that you don’t need to sound poppy to be successful. Too many bands change their sound and shorten their jams in an attempt to get the big bucks.

8. For venue security guards to realize that Phish fans are among the most peaceful people on the planet. Most of the problems that occur at shows are caused by security themselves.

7. For Fans to realize that showing up ticketless at sold out shows ultimately raises ticket prices and increases security.

6. For fans to actually think of where a glow stick lands before they throw it. It may look cool flying though the air, but it sure hurts when it hits you in the face.

5. For Phish fans to realize that if nobody bought tickets from scalpers, they would go away.

4. For fans to stop judging other fans. I’ve seen a lot of shows, but it does not give me any more right to see Phish than the next person.

3. For everyone to use some common sense and realize that the deadliest drug being smoked at rock concerts is tobacco.

2. For people to discover how uniquely amazing the Disco Biscuits really are.

1. To be able to quit my day job and find a way to make a living in this wonderful world of jam bands. (Resume available upon request).


Jeff Waful is the manager of Uncle Sammy (check out their new web site!) and a card carrying member of the ‘Andy Gadiel Wastes So Much Of My Time!’ club