Widespread Panic
SunFest West Palm Beach, FL

Send Your Mind, Henry Parsons Died, Space Wrangler, Second Skin > Rebirtha > Tall Boy > Shut Up And Drive, Junior, Papa’s Home > Drums & Bass > Drums > Bust It Big, Expiration Day, Protein Drink / Sewing Machine

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Ascend Amphitheater Nashville, TN

Crush, One Sweet World, Fool To Think, Where Are You Going, Worried Man Blues, What Would You Say, The Stone, Tripping Billies, Lying In the Hands of God, Crash Into Me, You Might Die Trying, A Tangled Web We Weave*, Out Of My Hands, Don’t Drink the Water, Say Goodbye, Minarets, Samurai Cop, High Energy D*, Sister, Granny, Rapunzel, Ants Marching

Enc: Oh, You and Me, All Along The Watchtower

*Tim solo

Source: http://www.davematthewsband.com/

Trey Anastasio Band
Danforth Music Hall Toronto, Ontario

Set I: Sometime After Sunset , Mozambique , Cayman Review , Alive Again , Sand , 1977 , Magilla , Curlew’s Call , Dark and Down , Cause = Time*, Money, Love and Change

Set II: Cause = Time , Gotta Jibboo , Simple Twist Up Dave , It Makes No Difference , Valentine , The Song , Plasma , Liquid Time , Alaska , Shine , Clint Eastwood , Mr. Completely , The Parting Glass

Enc: Dazed and Confused

Notes: *TAB Debut (cut short then started again at start of second set)

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