Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Coliseu Porto Porto, Portland

You Might Die Trying, Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back), Granny, Fool To Think, Lying In the Hands of God, Don’t Drink the Water, One Sweet World, Where Are You Going, Tripping Billies, You Are My Sanity*, Death On The High Seas, Stay Or Leave, Bismarck, Crush, Muros y Puertas (Walls and Doors)^, Satellite, Minarets, Funny The Way It Is, Stream*, Virginia In The Rain, Jimi Thing, Crash Into Me, Grey Street, Two Step

Enc: #41, All Along The Watchtower

Enc 2: Warehouse, Stay (Wasting Time)

Enc 3: Ants Marching

*Tim solo
^with Carlos Varela

Source: http://www.davematthewsband.com/