The Disco Biscuits
State Theater, Kalamazoo, MI
Ott and Orchard Lounge opened

Set I: Spectacle, Uber Glue > Flash Mob, Little La i> Svenghali* > Little Lai, Morph Dusseldorf

Set II: On Time, Spaga, M80 > Run Like Hel l> Astronaut, Mulberry’s Dream

Enc: Voices Insane

Notes: * Inverted.


Gov’t Mule
Le National Montreal, QU

Set I: Bad Little Doggie, Bad Man Walking, She Said She Said > Tomorrow Never Knows, Tastes Like Wine, Birth of the Mule, Fool’s Moon, Any Open Window, Steppin’ Lightly, Inside Outside Woman Blues

Set II: Broke Down on the Brazos, Thelonius Beck, Frozen Fear > Brighter Days > drumz, Child of the Earth, Monkey Hill, Slackjaw Jezebel

Enc: Hallelujah*, Stay With Me**

Source: * Warren and Danny. ** With Sebastian Plante.